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Homemade Goodness Fresh off the Grill

For more than two decades, Professor Lew’s Barbecue has been dishing out the best grilled food in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Check out some of the mouthwatering selections from our menu below! Keep in mind that items and quantities may vary which could change your cost. **Prices Subject to Change ** **Specials do not include tax**

Professor Lew’s Smoking Specials


Ziara’s Ultimate Cookout – $699.00

Key’s Bar-B-Que Throwdown – $599.00

Back Yard Pig Picking Small Group – $880.00

Finger Licking Classics

Family Reunion – $539.00

Mama Rae's Family Special – $1100.00

Lamar's Loosen Your Belt Special – $1800.00

Straight Up Smoking

A’ La-Carte



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